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OPTIX identiFIRE System for Forest Fire Detection

Automatically Fire Detection

The forest ecosystem as an important part of the biosphere play a crucial role in the maintenance of biological balance. The forests contribute to soil fertility, preventing erosion and landslides. They regulate the air currents, take part in the water cycle and reduce the risk of flooding. The forests purify the air by absorbing CO2, reducing the greenhouse effect and the negative effects of climate change on Earth. A forest fire destroys and causes severe and often irreversible damage to the ecosystem. In the dry and hot summer months, such as the summer of 2018 in Germany, when additional warm and strong winds blow, the risk of fire increases drastically.

Discover fires reliably

If time matters.

The worst case is a carelessly discarded cigarette, that causes a catastrophic fire if not immediately controlled. Experience has shown that normally effective measures are useless, because of too late detection of the fire and this time lack can only be compensated by a very great effort. Fire destroys life and habitat, – the only effective method of minimizing damage is early detection to enable a rapid response.

Based on several live tests and continuous development, we were able to optimize our IR thermal detection algorithms to minimize the number of false alarms to a minimum.

Early detection

OPTIX identiFIRE detects forest fires reliably in the initial phase.

Thermographic function

OPTIX identiFIRE uses thermographic features in our special OPTIX cameras for maximum efficiency even at night and in poor visibility.

Precise localization

OPTIX identiFIRE determines the GPS position of the fire with the integrated laser range finder (LRF) as part of the multi-sensor module at a single spot. In contrast to systems of the competition, no cross-bearing of several towers is necessary for localization. OPTIX recommends the use of the identiFIRE interface with the user-specific GIS module for maximum efficiency.

Optimal for high altitudes

OPTIX identiFIER also shows its power and quality in hilly, mountainous and alpine conditions.


OPTIX identiFIRE suppresses fire-like effects, such as airborne particles, solar reflections, vehicles, birds in flight, etc., to minimize the number of false alarms while still maintaining high reliability.

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